Rave reviews for 4XF

Dylan R. – Middle School Student

“The 4XF Bag has been great! Before, I carried a backpack, a computer case and a 3-ring binder with a strap to school. Now all I carry is the 4XF! I am more organized because of the labeled sections for each of my classes and I love that the bag has a place for my phone. My Chromebook slides into the padded compartment and every night I pack up my bag and charge my Chromebook inside it so I am ready to leave in the morning. My teachers asked me where I got my bag because I am usually the first to be prepared when class starts. The 4XF Bag has really helped me stay organized and I think it’s cool—especially the blue logo!”

Andrea S. – Speech and Language Pathologist

“I love the systematic approach enabled by the 4XF Bag. As a teacher and speech and language pathologist for 18 years, I have seen many unorganized students whose backpacks look like the aftermath of a hurricane. After seeing a few students carry the 4XF Bag, I have witnessed those students doing more of what they should be doing at a higher level, and in a timely manner, which leads to better learning and improved grades. Students who are organized start school on the right path and achieve the academic success teachers strive for. Teachers also get a more consistent picture of how students are achieving because they are getting more work completed! I am looking forward to my children carrying the 4XF Bag and I anticipate that they won’t miss, lose or ‘forget’ homework anymore and they will be able to find their notes from class to apply to their homework.”

Josh H – Father of 2, one in Middle School

“I wanted to drop you a note regarding the 4XF Bag, which my son used this past school year (2016-2017). The impact the 4XF Bag has had on my son’s organization exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical from the start and figured that his disorganization was just him being lazy or immature. Within the first couple of weeks of using the 4XF Bag (and me going through it with him on a regular basis) he ‘got it.’ He started to take pride in having (what my son claimed was) the coolest bag in school, but it was really more about knowing where his school materials were all the time. Your bag made it easy! Please know that you have made a believer of a skeptical dad, and improved the academic life of my son, by giving him the tool he needed to dramatically improve his organizational behavior and executive function.”
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